Services / Supported Employment

SVS Employ America is our CARF accredited paid work program for adults with developmental disabilities. Employment Specialists develop jobs for clients based on their interests and abilities.

Group Services offers integrated work in local businesses for 3 or more clients with continuous training and supervision by an SVS Job Coach. This service would be appropriate for individuals wishing to work between 5 and 8 hours per day.

Work opportunities are as varied as the individuals served. Transportation to and from work may be available in some locations.

Individual Placement offers assistance in individual employment with local businesses. Job Coach hours decrease gradually as the client becomes more proficient at their job until the client might only meet with the job coach once a month.

Individually placed clients are employees of the employer and are eligible for benefits offered to other employees at the worksite in similar jobs and are subject to the employer's pay schedule.

Transportation for this program is not available. Funding for both group and individual employment services is provided by Department of Rehabilitation and Regional Centers.

- Scope of Supported Employment Services